Monday, September 26, 2016

New Glasses

Ed sat at the small table. The youthful technician smiled from the other side. “Great choice,” she said while fitting the frame over Ed’s nose and around his ears. She made a few tweaks before removing it.

“Would you like glass, polycarbonate or high-index plastic lenses?”

Ed thought for a second, but the technician continued before he could speak. 

“Of course, we strongly recommend anti-scratch, anti-reflective, and anti-UV coatings.”

Ed could hear a cash register ringing in his ears with each option.

The technician smiled again. “What are your preferences?”

Ed didn’t hesitate this time. “Let’s go with anti-expensive.”

This 99-word story is my contribution to the September 21 Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge to "write a story using a lens."