Sunday, June 26, 2016

College Comforts

Edna took in the surroundings, shaking her head in bewilderment. Ed stood speechless. Is this for real?

The tour of the new campus student housing facility left them wondering what college had become. Hardwood floors, high ceilings, crown moulding, gourmet dining, Jacuzzi tubs, climbing walls, swimming pools, sand volleyball courts.

Edna ran her fingers over the smooth granite countertop in one of the units. Ed stared at the lounge pool table. 

“We plan to grow enrollment,” the college official proclaimed with a smile, “by making sure our students feel at home.”

“Home?” Edna blurted without thinking. “Home? Whose home?”

This 99-word story is my contribution to the June 22 Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge to "write a story about home."

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Service Calls

"Yessir! Absolutely. We'll be there tomorrow before noon." The affable service manager seemed eager to please.

Ed hung up, smiling broadly. The boat will be fixed in the morning!

"Oh, we're running behind," the service manager cheerfully explained when Ed called again the following afternoon.

"Got you covered. You're on our board," the manager calmly informed Ed two days later. 

"Should get there today," Ed was told the next day. 

"We're bumping you up on the list," Ed was assured the following morning.

A fuming Ed called one more time. The familiar, friendly voice responded. "What was that name again?" 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Reunion

Edna looked around and smiled. “So these are the folks I’ve heard so much about.”

The huge hotel ballroom was packed. The band blasted tunes from yesteryear.

Edna spotted a couple looking at them. “Do you know them? It looks like they’re trying to get our attention.”

Ed squinted as he looked. “Don’t recognize them,” he said, standing too far away to read their name tags. 

Ed started freaking out when he realized he didn’t recognize anyone. Not a single soul.

Edna saved him when she noticed the hallway sign.

“Ed, your school’s reunion is in the ballroom next door.”